Nicholas Payne

Nicholas Payne began painting a few years ago as a way to calm his mind and to exert his creative energy. Once he began he found it to be an important part of his life.

Some of Nick’s paintings are inspired by breathtaking scenery that a camera would not do justice to. Others are inspired by interesting color combinations he notices throughout the day –  the right combination will paint a picture in his head that he feels compelled to create.

Nicholas Payne - Spray paint and acrylics artist
Arizona Mist - A sunset colored moon behind a desert landscape.

Erik Cocks

Erik Cocks is a Tampa Florida based artist who has been creating images professionally for over 30 years.

His work has been featured in museums and galleries all over the world.

He specializes in painterly environmental scenes designed to create emotional impact and start conversations around our place in this world.

 Erik’s’ use of color emphasizes the expressive environments he captures in his images, and the dynamic nature of the world we live in.

Erik Cocks - Fine Art Photographer

Kinda Zennish

Kinda Zennish is a multi-media artist, combining photography and painting to create surreal landscapes that emphasize and ignite the imagination.

Kinda’s use of color and textures supports her message of beauty and appreciation of the world around us.

The Old Railroad - Iconic Flagler Railroad bridge over the ocean in the Keys.